Canada Express Entry Visa

The Canada Express Entry visa is a streamlined immigration system tailored for skilled workers aiming to relocate to Canada and secure permanent residency in a skilled occupation.


Express Entry Visa

The Express Entry Visa operates on a points-based system, evaluating applicants based on criteria such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and more. The highest-scoring candidates receive invitations to apply for permanent residency. It's important to note that an Express Entry Visa is not a conventional visa but a system designed for seeking permanent residency in Canada. It's akin to the coveted golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, granting you access to the delightful taste of maple syrup and the breathtaking Canadian landscapes.

Through the Express Entry system, you can easily initiate your Canadian permanent residency application, setting the stage for your new life as a Canadian citizen. So, why wait? Brush off your resume, and let's begin crafting your Express Entry application!

Teer 0 - Management Occupations
Teer 1 - Occupations usually requiring a University Degree
Teer 2 - Supervisory occupations usually requiring a College diploma
Teer 3 - 6 months On the Job training occupations usually requiring a College diploma
Teer 4 - Occupations usually requiring a High school diploma
Teer 5 - Short term work demonstration

Advantages of Canada Express Entry Visa

  • Access to free healthcare.
  • Complimentary education for children under 18.
  • High quality of life.
  • A robust and stable economy.
  • A pathway to Canadian permanent residency.
  • Opportunity for transitioning to Canadian citizenship.
  • No job offer required.

Who Can Apply for Permanent Residence under Express Entry?

Eligibility for permanent residence through the Express Entry system requires holding an educational qualification and possessing a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. There is no age limit; however, candidates aged above 45 do not earn age-related points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It's important to note that age is not a factor in the CRS scoring. Additionally, demonstrating language proficiency through a recognized language test is essential. Proficiency in English or French is highly valuable. The Express Entry system aligns with the latest version of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system, specifically the 2021 edition. This update categorizes eligible occupations into the Talent and Experience Class (TEC), further divided into three groups: Managerial jobs (Skill Level 0), Professional jobs (Skill Level A), and Technical jobs and skilled trades (Skill Level B). Eligibility for Express Entry requires skilled work experience in one of the TEC categories, providing access to Canada's job market.

Benefits of the Express Entry System

Through the Express Entry system, you can obtain your Canada PR visa in as little as six months. This processing timeline is notably faster than many decision-making processes. The 8 to 12-month processing window commences from the date of application submission. The transition from a paper-based application system to the Express Entry system has eliminated common delays caused by lost or misplaced documents. It streamlines the application process, providing a more efficient and straightforward approach.

Canada PR Benefits

Gaining permanent resident status in Canada provides substantial advantages. It allows you the freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada and extend this privilege to your family. You'll have access to exceptional social benefits, such as free public education for your children and access to high-quality healthcare facilities. Moreover, you won't be subject to taxes on income earned outside of Canada, offering a tax benefit. As you near retirement, you can enjoy pension plans and retirement benefits that come with permanent residency in Canada. Initiating your Express Entry application is a significant step towards realizing the Canadian dream.

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