Grenada CBI Programme

Unlock a world of advantages with Grenada's Citizenship-by-Investment program, offering remarkable benefits, including visa-free travel to 142 countries, including the UK. Grenada stands as one of the exclusive Caribbean nations granting access to the coveted USA E-2 treaty investor visa, providing a unique opportunity for individuals with substantial business investments in Grenada to also reside in the USA.


Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Discover Grenada, a sovereign state comprising seven captivating islands in the south-eastern Caribbean. Nestled off the north coast of Venezuela, Grenada boasts a population of 107,000 within an area of 344 sq. km. Situated outside the hurricane belt, this beautiful country features lush tropical forests, stunning waterfalls, and picturesque sandy beaches. Notably, the Grenadian Citizenship-by-Investment Program offers the privilege of application without the requirement for residency or visits.

Visa-free travel to 142 countries, including China
Opportunity to reside in the USA
All nationalities eligible to apply
Required contribution from US$150,000

Benefits of Grenadian Citizenship

  • Visa-Free Travel: Access 142 countries, including China, the UK, Singapore, and more.
  • Swift Passport Delivery: Obtain your passport in four to six months.
  • Generous Tax Regime: Enjoy tax benefits, exempt from personal income tax, wealth, or inheritance tax.
  • Attractive Incentives: Access corporate tax breaks and complete exemption from import duties.
  • Opportunity for US Residency: Seize the chance for residence in the USA through the E-2 treaty.

Donation to Grenada's National Transformation Fund

Single Applicant: US$150,000

Applicant + Spouse: US$200,000

Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children: US$200,000

Additional Dependents: US$10,000 per applicant

Real Estate

Embark on a real estate journey with investments starting from US$220,000 in government-approved property development.

Considerations for Applicants

Applicants must:
  • Uphold an outstanding character.
  • Possess a clean criminal record.
  • Maintain excellent health.

Would you like to find out more or check if you are eligible? If yes, please use the APPLY NOW to check your eligibility.




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