Latvia Golden Visa

Investors looking to explore the opportunities in Latvia can secure a five-year residency permit by injecting €60,000 into a Latvian company. This is contingent upon the business contributing a minimum of €50,000 in annual taxes. Additionally, a singular contribution of €10,000 to the government is required, alongside applicable application and processing fees.


Latvia Golden Visa

Investors exploring Latvia's opportunities not only open the door to residency but also gain access to the extensive EU Schengen visa zone. After a five-year investment period, applicants can even pursue permanent residency, contingent on their significant presence within the country during that duration.

Discover Riga, Latvia

Embrace the allure of Latvia's capital, Riga, just 90 minutes away from Moscow by air. With a diverse range of residents, Latvia has become a favored destination for those seeking investor visas, as well as residency and citizenship in Europe. Digging into the qualification requirements, foreign nationals can initiate their journey towards Latvian residency by directing funds into the equity capital of a local enterprise, engaging in a subordinated loan (deposit) within Latvian banks, or embracing the acquisition of interest-free government bonds designated for specific purposes. This diverse range of options paves the way for an immersive and advantageous investment journey.

Visa-Free Schengen Travel
No Sponsor or Job Offer Required
No Education, Age, or Language Barriers
Great Business Opportunities

Benefits of the Latvia Business Start-Up Visa

  • Visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area.
  • Fast-track application procedure with no minimum stay requirement for permit renewal.
  • Excellent transport links connecting Latvia with Russia and other EU member states.
  • Full family residency with flexibility – no requirement to reside.
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after 10 years of legal residence.

Requirements for Latvia Residence by Investment

Investing in Latvia's future requires meeting specific criteria:

Equity Capital Commitment: Invest EUR 50,000 in a Latvian company, with a condition that the company annually pays at least EUR 40,000 in taxes.

State Budget Contribution: Make a one-time payment of EUR 10,000 to the state budget.

Financial Sufficiency: Demonstrate financial capability to support your family's living expenses, without needing government assistance.

Latvia Residence by Investment Procedures and Time Frame

Embarking on the Latvia Residence by Investment journey follows these steps:

Document Processing: Approximately 30–90 days . Family Inclusion: Spouse and children under 18 can apply together.

Personal Visit: Upon approval, visit Latvia within three months to collect the five-year temporary residence permit in ID card format.

Renewal: Annual renewal of the ID card is required.

Residence Requirement for Latvia Residence by Investment

No minimum days are needed in Latvia for residence permit renewal.

Path to Permanent Residence and Citizenship

After five years, permanent residence beckons

Explore Latvia's vibrant opportunities and a gateway to Europe through its Residence by Investment program.

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