Saint Lucia CBI Programme

St. Lucia, a gem in the Caribbean, extends a warm welcome to foreign investors through its Citizenship-by-Investment program, distinguishing itself as one of the premier destinations for those seeking a second passport. With an annual cap of 500 applicants, the exclusivity of St. Lucia's program ensures the enduring value and prestige of its passport on the global stage.


Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Nestled in the Eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia graces the Lesser Antilles with its stunning landscapes. Characterized by rugged mountains, including the towering Mount Gimie, it stands as one of the more mountainous islands in the Caribbean. The island's commitment to infrastructure development and a skilled workforce has attracted foreign investments, particularly in tourism and offshore banking, driving economic growth.

Visa-free travel to 145 countries
Application approval within 3 to 4 months
No physical residency requirement
Required contribution from US$100,000

Benefits of Citizenship

  • Fastest Caribbean Application Process: Swift processing sets St. Lucia's program apart as one of the most efficient in the Caribbean.
  • Visa-Free Travel to 154 Countries: Enjoy freedom to explore 154 countries, including the UK, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.
  • Minimal Processing Fees: Benefit from reasonable processing fees, enhancing accessibility to St. Lucia's Citizenship-by-Investment program.
  • No Physical Residency Requirement: Embrace flexibility with citizenship, no need for physical residency, providing convenience for global investors.
  • No Personal Income Tax: Experience tax advantages with no personal income tax obligations, fostering financial freedom.
  • No Business Experience Required: St. Lucia welcomes investors without mandating prior business experience, accessible to a diverse range of individuals.
  • No Minimum Language Requirement: Unlike some programs, St. Lucia imposes no minimum language proficiency requirements, ensuring inclusivity.
  • No Mandatory Interviews: Streamline the application process with no mandatory interviews, reducing the burden on applicants.
  • Tax Relief Benefits & Export Allowance: Access additional benefits, including tax relief and export allowances, contributing to a favorable investment environment.

Donation to the National Economic Fund

Single Applicant: US$100,000.

Applicant + Spouse: US$140,000.

Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children: US$150,000.

Each additional qualifying dependent of any age: US$25,000.

Real Estate

Minimum investment of US$300,000 in an approved government real estate project.

Government Bonds

Invest in one of the following government bond options:

  • $250,000 — single applicant, five-year investment term.
  • $250,000 — main applicant + spouse, six-year investment term.
  • $250,000 — a family of up to four, seven-year investment term.
  • $300,000 — a family of up to four, five-year investment term.


The main applicant and any dependents must have a clean personal background with no criminal record and not be under any criminal investigation (other than in respect of a minor offence).

A person that is deemed a potential security risk or who is or has been involved in any activity that is likely to bring disrepute to St Lucia shall not be approved for citizenship.

Would you like to find out more or check if you are eligible? If yes, please use the APPLY NOW to check your eligibility.




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