UK Fiancé Visa

If you're considering a fresh start in the UK alongside your UK-based partner, the UK Fiancé Visa might be the ideal solution. This visa is designed to allow non-EEA nationals to enter the UK to marry or form a civil partnership with their UK-based partner and embark on a new life together in the country. To qualify for this visa, the applicant's partner must either be a UK citizen or a person with settled status in the UK.


UK Fiancé Visa

If you're planning to tie the knot with your British partner, the UK Fiancé Visa provides a convenient pathway to unite in the UK. It's important to ensure that you complete the marriage or civil partnership within the six-month validity period of the visa, as the Home Office takes this requirement seriously.

Once the wedding bells ring, you can transition to the Spouse Visa, offering a generous 30 months of residency in the UK. Unlike the Fiancé Visa, the Spouse Visa doesn't impose restrictions on work or study. So, say "I do" to your new life in the UK!

You must have met your partner in person and be in a genuine relationship
You must both be free to marry or enter into a civil partnership
Both you and your partner must be over the age of 18
You must be able to speak and understand English to the required level, unless you are exempt (e.g. if you are a national of a majority English-speaking country or have a degree taught in English)

Requirements for a UK Fiancé Visa

  • Both you and your future spouse must be at least 18 years old.
  • You and your future spouse must have met each other.
  • Both of you must intend to establish a permanent shared residence upon marriage.
  • You must demonstrate the conclusion of any prior relationships you or your partner were engaged in, whether married or as an unmarried couple.
  • You and your future spouse must possess the financial means to support yourselves and any dependents without resorting to public funds.
  • Sufficient funds must be available to support both you and your fiancé/fiancée, as well as any potential dependents.

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