UK Self Sponsor Visa

For those looking to establish or expand a business in the UK, the Self Sponsorship route offers the opportunity to reside and work in the country. It's important to note that there isn't a visa specifically named the 'Self Sponsorship Visa.' Instead, it falls under the Skilled Worker Visa category, which serves as the pathway for entry into the UK.


UK Self Sponsor Visa

Are you a self-driven entrepreneur who has long aspired to manage your own UK-based company? The UK Self Sponsor Visa might be the perfect avenue for your ambitions! This visa allows you to establish and oversee your own business in the UK without the requirement of a substantial initial investment. That's right - no need to break the bank! The best part is, your company can sponsor you to work in the UK. This means you not only fulfill your dream of running your business but also gain legal authorization to work in the UK. While there are certain legal procedures to navigate, such as obtaining a Sponsor Licence for your company, our assistance will facilitate your entry into the UK business landscape.

No minimum or maximum investment required
The business can sponsor more workers in the future
Opportunity to obtain UK citizenship
Family members can join you in the UK

UK Self Sponsor Visa Benefits Of Residency

  • Expand your business to the UK with the UK Self-Sponsor Visa.
  • Bring your dependents, including your spouse and children.
  • This visa can eventually lead to UK citizenship and a passport.
  • Access medical and educational benefits for the entire family.
  • Opportunity to sponsor additional employees in the future.

We Understand the Commercial Landscape

At Global Migrate, we recognize the significance of comprehending the intricacies of business operations and industry dynamics. Our team boasts extensive experience and expertise within the immigration sector, coupled with the commercial acumen necessary to align our clients' visa applications with the stipulations of relevant authorities.

We Deliver Results

Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to delivering favorable outcomes for our clients. The relentless pursuit of results is the driving force behind our endeavors, and our well-documented track record showcases our proficiency in assisting clients in realizing their objectives. We establish ambitious benchmarks and labor diligently to surpass them, extending expert counsel and support throughout the entire process.

We Are Professional and Ethical

Global Migrate is firmly anchored in the highest ethical standards governing our operations. We place great emphasis on cultivating client relationships founded on principles of mutual respect, transparency, and accountability. Our team collaborates seamlessly to provide a professional service characterized by trustworthiness, further solidifying our standing for excellence in the field of immigration.

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