UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa, often referred to as the UK Marriage Visa, enables non-UK citizens to join their partner in the UK. Your spouse must be a British citizen or a settled person in the UK.



Also known as a UK marriage visa, a spouse visa allows married partners of UK citizens to immigrate to the UK because they are married to someone who is 'settled in the UK' - i.e. a person who is ordinarily resident in the UK and has no immigration restrictions on how long they can stay in the UK.

Contribution-based jobseeker's allowance
Guardian's allowance
Incapacity benefit
Maternity allowance

Requirements for a UK Spouse Visa

  • Both the applicant and the sponsoring partner must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant and sponsoring partner must have met each other and be legally married.
  • Both parties must possess the intention to establish a permanent shared residence.
  • Adequate financial means must be available to support themselves and any dependents, without relying on public funds.
  • The sponsoring partner must earn a minimum of £18,600 annually or have sufficient savings to sponsor the applicant.
  • The financial threshold is higher if there are dependent children being sponsored.
  • Both the applicant and sponsoring partner must have appropriate accommodation for themselves and any dependents.
  • The applicant must meet the English language proficiency requirements.

How to apply for a spouse visa?

You can initiate a spouse visa application from overseas or while residing in the UK.

If you are already in the UK on a fiance visa, work visa, or a student visa valid for more than six months, you may be eligible to switch to a spouse visa.

What is the processing time for a spouse visa application?

The typical processing duration for a spouse visa application ranges from 2 to 12 weeks from the date of submission to the UKBA. Nevertheless, processing times may fluctuate depending on the country where the application is lodged.

How long is the validity of a spouse visa?

When applying from overseas, a spouse visa is initially granted for 33 months. If applying from within the UK, a spouse visa is issued for a 30-month period.

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