Vanuatu CBI Programme

Unlock a streamlined path to citizenship in Vanuatu, a South Pacific paradise. Experience the freedom of visa-free travel, low taxation, and a welcoming environment for ambitious investors.


Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programme

Nestled in the South Pacific, Vanuatu's breathtaking archipelago offers natural wonders and a commitment to hospitality, equality, and business opportunities. With a focus on attracting ambitious investors, Vanuatu provides a leading citizenship-by-investment program with enticing benefits.

Visa-free travel to 130 countries
Favourable tax regime
No physical residency required
Contribution from US$130,000

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

  • Visa-Free Travel to 130 countries, including the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  • Tax Advantages with no income or capital gains tax, providing financial freedom.
  • Flexible Stay without minimum stay requirements, offering convenience for global citizens.
  • Language Test Exemption, making the citizenship process even more accessible.
  • Serene Environment to immerse yourself in a peaceful, untouched location close to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Family Inclusion with the ability to include your spouse and two children under 18 in your citizenship journey.
  • Quick Processing to obtain your passport in as little as 60 days, streamlining your journey to Vanuatu citizenship.

Contribution to the Development Support Program

  • Single Applicant: US$130,000
  • Applicant + Spouse: US$150,000
  • Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children under 18: USD 180,000
  • Each Additional Dependent: US$15,000
  • Considerations for Applicants

To qualify for Vanuatu citizenship, main applicants must

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have no criminal record
  • Embrace the allure of Vanuatu and its citizenship-by-investment program, where paradise meets opportunity

Would you like to find out more or check if you are eligible? If yes, please use the APPLY NOW to check your eligibility.




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